Proposed Routine For Office Goers

       An ideal routine in the morning before going to work :-

As soon as we get up in the morning, we should see our opened out palms . Imagine in our palm Laxmi (goddess of wealth), Saraswathi (goddess of learning), and Gouri (goddess of power). Then we touch the ground and ask for pardon from Goddess Earth for stepping on her. Touching the ground removes the static electricity collected by our body during the night. After morning ablutions we take a bath. We put on Bhasma (sacred ashes) on the forehead to remove moisture from that area and sandal paste to keep the lower part of forehead cool.

      We take Thulasi thirtha (basil water which has medicinal value) at home or at the temple. Doing Namaskara in the early morning is a good practice. At temple we do pradakshina in the early morning.The temple compound will have plenty of vegetation and Banyan trees (Banyan trees emit a lot of ozone) so that we walk in an oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Just imagine taking seven pradakshinas at Vadakkunnathan at Thrissivaperur, enjoying the morning breeze. There are plenty of Banyan trees inside the temple and the temple itself is surrounded by teak trees (although a major part of the teak forest has been cut down). For people leaving at Trissur it will be very healthy to visit Vadakkunnathan before going to office. Thirumandhamkunnu at Angadipuram also had a good surrounding of vegetation , but it is slowly becoming a concrete jungle due to human ignorance.

Valluvanad, ruled by Valluvakonathiri  had a large number of Namboodri illams, mainly due to the fact that the king wanted peace in his territory and perhaps due to the fact that there was always some fighting going on in the neighbouring states. Almost all the Namboodris of Valluvanad were authorised to learn Vedas (Oath) and recite them. ( Rig, Yajur, Sama and rarely Atharva Vedas).

There was a residential school at Thirunavaya where Namboodri children used to reside and learn the Vedas till recently. Thanthra was also taught there. All  these Namboodris, since they underwent the training, were capable of doing poojas at the temple. Many of them did poojas in the temples at their illams (houses) or near their illams. Since the number of illams in Valluvanad were many, there were no shortages of Poojaris at temples. Temples where poojas were conducted by Tulu Brahmins (Embranthiri) were very rare.

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